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Nigeria and the Progress of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are targets for global development adopted in September 2015, set to be achieved by 2030. All countries of the world have agreed to work towards achieving these goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a complex and ambitious framework for transformative change.

The SDGs will significantly shape development efforts for a 15 years period. But are they really achievable? And what can we do to improve our chances of success?

The pace and depth of change needed to meet the targets varies dramatically across goals and across regions, but a major demand that stands out from Countries and Individuals is clear: early action is essential.

Countless individuals across the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria are beginning to take ownership and drive developmental efforts around the SDGs, which can be said to be commendable despite the staccato progress experienced in Nigeria.

Although, so much had been done, but more collectively together can still be done and there is no better time than now for us to reaffirm our commitments towards achieving the landmark progress to ending poverty and hunger and ensuring healthy lives, combating inequalities within and among the African Region and healing and securing our planet through dedicated efforts.

The SDG global targets place different levels of expectation onto countries and regions, given their different starting positions as well as their peculiarities and in order to measure up with targets, data becomes an imperative tool to determine where Countries and Regions stands in pursuit of the ambitious Agenda 2030 and this is the real essence of the Nigerian Youth SDGs Networks Newsletter - the Chronicle which seeks to identify and Chronicle the experience and efforts of Nigerians in their resilience and innovative engagement towards the implementation of the objectives of the SDGs and is currently the only independent platform collating the stories of Nigerian towards the realisation of the Agenda 2030.

Are you doing anything towards achieving the SDGs by 2030? What goal are you most passionate about? Read our June - July edition of the Chronicle to see what Nigerians are doing towards achieving the SDGs and put in your effort to do the same. No effort of yours is too small. Together, we can create impact.

Do you have SDGs stories to share? Please simply reach out to the Editor and have your SDGs Stories featured on our Newsletter - The Chronicle with the largest influence and reach.

Abraham Solomon Editor: Nigerian Youth SDGs Newsletter -
The Chronicle 08150755469

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